Sunday, February 28, 2010

To Harp or Not?

  In my opinion as a fashion lover you are either a Vogue devotee or a Harper's Bazaar devotee. I happen to be a Harper's girl and have been since the age of 12 when I found it in my Gram's house. At that time I knew next to nothing about fashion,except that I liked to shop. Opening this magazine was like stepping into a world full of glamour and one that mine could not compare to.
  It was comperable to about a year before when I walked into Gucci in Charleston South Carolina with my bestie JMM. Opening a new issue of Harper's is like reliving that moment in Gucci over and over again. This, month beloved supermodel Kate Moss graces the cover with 488 pages in all my years of reading it this may be the most inspirational and largest issue yet. It, was so fabulous I carried it in my DVF tote bag with me to school. I relish the looks I get when I pull out a fashion magazine at a conservative private school in the south. Thank, Chanel I don't care what they think.
*These are a few of my favorite things*
  My favorite article would have to on controversial socialite Lynn Wyatt she is quite the quotable woman, "Jewelry can never be too heavy and heels can never be too high."
The best fashion spread goes to Karl Lagerfield and his amazing ability to capture Iris Strubegger in seven different forms including his own.
The best always in issue would have to be the What's in and What's out  which is the last page of the magazine. The best in/out would go to #5 which is in "whimsical embellishement" and out "weighty beading"....although why not try whimsy encased in beads? Remember to make a statement sometimes you have to break the rules.

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